“I have finished the first placement with [Dr. X]. He is such a nice, knowledgeable and experienced mentor, the facilities are also excellently equipped. He taught me a lot (even the management and finance). I have learned a lot. I want to say thanks to all of you.”

“I used to find pharmacology very overwhelming, but the professors of VSTEP made it easy for me to learn.”

“I used to be scared of getting near a horse and touching them. Because of VSTEP I am not anymore.”

“I think [anaesthesia] is the best thought out module of the whole course. I honestly feel prepared to anaesthetize the world after this!”

“They let me participate in anaesthesia monitoring, placing endo-tracheal tube, IV catheter and I did surgery as well. In this pet hospital I had a clear picture about what is the real vet life!”

“I never thought that the program would be so informative and helpful for the CPE and for my whole career as a veterinarian.”

“I got a lot of exposure to actual field experiences.”

“The materials and notes were really very detailed and will be a good reference whenever I need to look up any anesthesia related topic.”

“It was very useful for me because I had not had a lot of equine experience and now I have confidence with equine medicine.”

“[In the Clinical Communication Module] we learned the skills to make our interactions with clients very efficient and professional.”

“The content of [the Pharmacology] module is really one of the major basic competencies every veterinarian must know.”

“[The Surgery] Labs were very focused and centered on individual performance.”

“[During my field placement] I had a good opportunity to communicate with clients, take histories, do physical examinations, develop differentials and suggest diagnostics and treatment plans.”

“Thank you very, very, very much for everything!!! VSTEP really boosted my confidence a thousand times. At my work, every day, I am applying the theoretical, practical, clinical and communication knowledge that I gained through the VSTEP program.”

“I convinced him to pursue VSTEP. It changed my life... I hope it change theirs too...”

“I told them that anybody can pass the CPE without going to VSTEP but if you really want a good career in Canada as a veterinarian... then VSTEP is the only way.”

“I have recently got two job offers, after successfully completing VSTEP. A "BIG THANK YOU" for all that you did for me. I highly appreciate your encouragement, support and for being so kind to me. Thank you very much once again.”